This Friday and Saturday, between the hours of 11 A.M. and 6 P.M., the THAMES studio at 6-10 Lexington Street will play host to a SALE. At which things will be sold! Not just new stuff at full whack or old stuff at fractional whack, but also pristine condish returns and stock that was for any reason not added to the Shopify inventory of long-since sold-out products.

Amongst them:
the Tyrian P.G. knit — worn by yours truly to announce the return of the whole thing, as many as three years ago now, 

the Francis jacket — pictured here on Miracle Boy Leo Iheagwam in the gents at Noura, 

the Painter trousers — stalwart  friends of the Francis jacket,

the Johnny jeans, about which the word 'essentials' springs to mind — the word, not the brand, thank you very much,

the original Nikita — ideal for the wild and windy moor and the metrop alike, 

the Shoplifter bag, ironiquement,

and the Bowling shirt — a wearable image of Mr Bacon's picture of maestros Tolchard, Chandrasek and Kirmani at India vs. England's second text in Calcutta in 1977, obviously.

And before you ask, no, I will not hold the medium Francis jacket for you until Saturday afternoon; everything will be sold on a fcfs basis. 


The second annual Spooky Pool tournament and Scareokethon will, of course,  be taking place from 7 P.M. onwards on Friday.

Some As to the usual Qs: 
  • No entry after 7:15 P.M. Should you wish to be there, be there by then. 
  • All are welcome — in theory — but the THAMES staff and I naturally reserve the right to throw that friend your friend told to pop in overboard at any time, should we deem it necessary. 
  • BYO booze, bread, brass band etc. 
  • Costumes encouraged.
  • The Spooky Pool tournament will cost £5 to enter. The £5s will be donated directly and in full to St. Mungo's charity.
  • There is no predetermined system for karaoke; simply pick an appropriate moment and live in it.

Last year's crowned champion Taylor Bickerstaff, moments before telling me that he doesn't like rollercoasters and asking for the retail equivalent of a Thorpe Park season pass — the original prize — in THAMES products.

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